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Avanti Market Kiosk

Equipment and Technology

Avanti Markets believes in using only state-of-the-art equipment. We provide modern efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, kiosk and a full security system. Each market has its own web-based inventory management system, which makes adding products and evaluating inventory quick and easy.

Kiosk Technology

The kiosk hardware is comprised of industry standard components, offering high reliability, familiarity and serviceability. The ReadyTouch™ software provides leading technology in the self-service revolution. The system is built on an enterprise class framework using Java and Microsoft Windows. It requires less than two feet of floor space, and has just one power cord (110V) with a Cat5 or better network connection.

Physically Secure

Each kiosk is physically secure – requiring a key to access any component. No keyboard, USB connection or other access is externally available.



The market runs on a highly secure and stable network. It is encrypted through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel. The light bandwidth load ensures minimal network demands. Most of the processing is performed locally with the network used minimally for card authorizations, data synchronization and periodic updates.

Market Signs


Equipment Specs

Equipment Specs


What do You Need?

Internet Access

  • An employee area away from public traffic to designate as the market location
  • Power supply for coolers, freezers and the kiosk system
  • Internet access

Equipment and Technology

"I never trusted the vending machines we had before but the Avanti Market is reliable, easy and fun to use. I keep asking myself, Why didn’t I think of that?" - Seattle, WA