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Market Layouts

As with all other features, the layout of your Avanti Market is completely customizable. Whether the space is where a current vending bank is, a break room, converted office or common area, our markets and components are flexible enough to work. The only requirement is the space must be equipped with a power source and Internet connection.

Store Layout AVM Display Store Layout Full Rack
Store Layout Gilead Store Layout Linear Rack
Store Layout Linear Technology Store Layout Rack


"We introduced Avanti to our employees in March. Our employees met the program with great interest and enthusiasm. We especially enjoy the ease of use, enormous variety and program flexibility. Avanti has been very responsive to addressing any issues, allowing us to add personal choices to the product offerings and business is booming! The staff has been very friendly and customer oriented, which I find refreshing after dealing with traditional vendors for years. Thank you for offering such a valuable benefit for our employees!" - Portland, OR


"I use the Avanti Market every morning for a soda and I love the ease and convenience of being able to use my debit card as I donít always carry cash. It is also a lot quicker. Thanks!" - Coventry, North Carolina


"We are very pleased that we can offer better quality and healthy products to our employees. The Avanti Market was the perfect solution to our second shift personnel whose time restraints made it almost impossible to leave the premises for dinner." - South Carolina


"Vending machines can't come close to the variety of goods that are offered in the Avanti Market. Our employees have had nothing but glowing reviews and we couldn't be happier!" - Portland, OR

Market Layouts and Testimonials

"Having an Avanti Market in our break room has created quite a stir, the employees canít believe we have our own market. I canít believe it didnít cost us a thing, it actually reduced our energy expenses!" Ė Bothell, WA