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Each market is equipped with a 24 hour a day security system. Keep in mind that we recommend that you only place our Avanti Markets in “closed locations.” That is, businesses with moderately secured facilities for a known group of employees that have a designated area away from heavy public traffic.

Avanti Security

The security system works “in sync” with the kiosk to monitor the market. With these systems in place, we have experienced theft amounts in controlled environments to be negligible. Clearly marked signs indicate the users are on camera, which discourages theft in Avanti Markets.

If a pattern of theft was to occur, we do not hold the business responsible for the loss. We simply inform the contact of the inventory discrepancy and ask if they would like to have a video snapshot to help resolve the issue. Locations are free to pursue any actions they would like regarding how to handle the person(s) responsible. If the business does not want a video snapshot we may simply ask to increase security camera signage or request a company email be sent out.

Security Camera Sign

Avanti Markets Security

"We are very excited to have the first Avanti Market in Portland. The concept is incredibly simple, yet offers our employees food and beverage options that have never before been available in the workplace."